Thursday, September 27, 2012


Hi! My name is Taylor, and I’m a blog novice. (So don’t judge too harshly!) I’m also a lot of other things; allow me to share a few of the relevant ones. I joined FrenetiCore in the fall of 2011, and I hope it comes across as genuine when I say that this company is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Top 5 for sure :)  By day, I am a graduate student.

One of my favorite things about FrenetiCore is company class. With a pretty diverse line-up of classes, I get a little bit of everything in my week.  Important note: all of our classes are open to the public, and very reasonably priced! Check out the schedule at

Let me just get this out; trying out new studios gives me anxiety. Find the place. Figure out how to get in. Do they take credit? Will everyone else know each other? Please don’t tell me that everyone is wearing a leotard and tights. Cross fingers that I will not make a fool of myself. My blood pressure is rising just thinking about it. Thus, to help you, FrenetiBlog reader who may want to come take class with us but is secretly terrified, allow me to clue you in to what to expect from class at Frenetic Theater:

First, get yourself to 5102 Navigation. Grab a parking spot and head to the big silver double doors. Push hard. Congratulations, you got in – now’s when the fun starts!

For me, it is essential that FrenetiClass begin with at least one giant hug from a fellow dancer. I think that’s just as important as plies. As we begin to warm up and get moving, you’ll notice that the class is lighthearted and fun! Don’t worry; no one will be wearing tights. Studio F will probably be on the warm side – expect to get your sweat on. At least one person will curse as she falls out of a turn or forgets a step.  You’ll get several cheers for a perfectly executed jump.  Expect great combos, helpful corrections, a few laughs, a good stretch, and to leave with a full, happy heart. Come back next week – your body will thank you!

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