Sunday, July 8, 2012

It's Raining It's Pouring

If you live in Houston it is very likely you were doing one of three things this morning during the abrupt storm that entruded on the city around 11:00 am. I can only assume you were either: worshiping…something; laying in bed listening to the vibrating thunder and sheets of rain; or curled up with a book enjoying a grilled cheese and warm tomato soup.  If you are a dancer for Freneticore you were swimming to rehearsal while dodging the inevitable “puddles” down Lockwood and Navigation. Of course this is not usually what one wants to be doing Sunday morning, but we all made it safe and sound one way or another and only a few minutes late. Rebecca French’s Sunday morning modern class usually begins with a juicy floor combo to get us awake and moving. Not today! Jumping jacks, ponies, chasse’s OH MY! With 100% trust in Rebecca the few of us that had arrived despite the outside conditions were ready to go for it! Rebecca puts on Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zero’s Home. (If you have never heard this song stop reading now, navigate to whichever site you get your music and listen!) Everything about this song breathes happiness into your soul and was perfect to get us out of the funk the weather had brought on. Walking throughout the room passing hugs and greeting those jumping in from the rain, I thought to myself, “I’m home and my heart can breathe because my family is safe.”  My frenetifamily. Sharing a space and moving with such beautiful beings is my therapy. It was nice to let go for an hour and twenty minutes and just move. With our show, MEMORIUM opening in less than a week stress levels are a bit high. But we seemed to all be able to save it for later. We have all week to pull each others hair out. I’m sure, well I know, we will be at each others throats within 48 hours, but deep down we all know the show will be fabulous. It feels to me that July has crept up on all of us. I will not let myself believe we are a week into the month. I keep pushing July way, not because of fear of performance, but the inevitable departure of Stacey Ramsower. She leaves us on the 25th to head to New York. I could talk all day about this lady, but I’ll save it for another blog.  I have refused to accept her leaving ever since she announced her move. It hit me today in our final jump combination at the end of class. Leaping to Empire Sate of Mind,  I sailed through the air with Stacey and realized I have few chances left to do this with her.  I was selfish and continued to repeat the sequence with her, trying to keep my emotions inside and savor the moment.  So, while you were safe and cozy under your roof today, I was with my frenetifamily soaking up every moment and memory and every articulation…and preparing for an approaching goodbye.

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