Monday, April 30, 2012


Allow me to introduce myself :) My name is Mollie Miller and I'm a dancer and Marketing Associate with FrenetiCore. Basically I'm the gal who floods your inbox with Frenetimail two weeks before our shows :) You're welcome! I've been with the company for a little over a year and I just love these people and this place. We have comfy seats, a wonderful Frenetifamily of folks and chickens across the street. What more could you want?

FrenetiCore performed at Houston Community College Central Dance Ensemble' Spring performance, CDE Two, this past weekend. It was a blast. We performed alongside the HCC Ensemble and Maggie Lasher's ChinaCat Dance in the gorgeous Heinen Theater. (ChinaCat will grace the stage of Frenetic Theater the first week of June with Glow! Check it out.) My personal favorite moment of the show was ChinaCat's Little Miss Sparklepants Crown Royal Pageant. I think the name pretty much describes it all but in case you're confused it's makes a mockery of the silly child pageant world. The pageant winner wins a lifetime supply of whiskey and the showcased pageant contestant snorts pixie sticks before revealing her desire to be Miss America or Miss December.

We've had the opportunity to perform at a few festivals and events in the last few weeks, including Bayou City Art Festival, and still have one more to go! This coming Saturday, May 5 we're performing at the first annual East End Street Fest, which will celebrate the improvements to Harrisburg Blvd with a day-long family event featuring performances, food and activities. Our recent performances have been a great way for us to continue to be stage hogs while not having the responsibility of a full-length show. But now we're ready! We get to dig in deep and dedicate all our rehearsal time to our upcoming July show. We promise to give you a sneak peek soon :)

P.S. Only 1 more day to apply to the Houston Fringe Festival before the application fee goes up! Apps are due May 1 with a $25 app fee and by May 10 with a $35 app fee. Get it together!

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